After our initial diagnosis, we will then quote you a price if a transmission needs
       replacement or if any related repairs are required.  For most vehicles we do not need
       to first remove the transmission to quote you.  We will not quote you a low price for
       a transmission rebuild and then add for faulty parts after we've opened up your
       transmission.  We will quote you one price for the transmission based on what your
       vehicle needs (this does not include items like mounts or external items to the
       transmission). There are NO "hard parts" charge on most of our rebuilt transmissions.
           (Above does not apply to standard, specialty, exotic or modified vehicles;
            where there may be hard parts charged.  You will be advised beforehand.)
       Phillips offers a diagnostic of your vehicle's transmission for a fee starting at $75 for most vehicles.
       Why don't you offer a "free" inspection as many places do?
               Our goal is not to sell a transmission to everyone that walks in the door. 
               Our mission is to accurately diagnose your vehicle, BEFORE any work or additional
               expense is incurred.  Only then can we accurately provide you with a firm quote to
               get your vehicle working.  Quite often, a customer will bring in a vehicle with a
               supposed transmission problem; that are then diagnosed to be a vehicle
               performance or electrical and control issues.

               Additionaly, the price of our diagnostics includes keeping up to date our
               various scanners, software, technical bulletins and training; enabling
               us to accurately diagnose your vehicle's needs.
               Foremost to prolonging your transmission's life is regular
               maintenance, per the manufacturer's guidelines.

               Additionally, a proper functioning cooling system will greatly
               benefit your transmission.  Transmission fluid operating at
               higher temperatures will break down considerably faster than
               fluid that is properly cooled.  High temperature in turn will affect
               the internal clutches and seals in the transmission or converter.
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